Hello and welcome to Yousic Dynamics. First and foremost, please head over to the Forums section of the site to read and understand the rules. Once they have been understood, feel free to add your own groups, music and friends as you see fit. Have fun and enjoy the endless possibilities of Yousic Dynamics!


Upload your music with the ability to have collaboration with millions of other musicians through one site.  You also have the ability to upload your songs from your mobile device.  Be sure to add a unique song to your profile so people know what you're about!

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Share your music with the world through Yousic Dynamics.  Get recognized for your talents and uniqueness through a site designed around your ability.

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Jam Out!

Get in touch with musicians in your area to create music locally.  Who knows, you may be the up-and-coming band that makes it big.  At the very least, have fun!  We will have the ability to let our membered musicians create custom directory sub-folders for their region or general location to get the word out they're looking to shred with somebody else!

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Our Vision

Yousic Dynamics is a one-of-a-kind service that allows musicians from across the globe to collaborate together to create something special.

Our competitive edge is the fact no one does what we do, no one has the collaboration platform nor the drive like we do to make this a success.  Yousic Dynamics is your one stop shop for music collaboration.

Whether you play guitar, drums, sing, rap or play the flute you will be able to contribute and feel accomplished in creating and expressing your identity.