About Us

How it works

Ever hear a song and wonder how it would sound with a different drum beat?  Different vocals?  A killer guitar solo?  We offer you the opportunity to do so.  By adding your own unique songs and have our community add their own flare to it; we can create a seamless stream of genre-less music.  If you're particular to a genre and want to stick to it, that is an option as well.  Also, you have the ability to connect with local musicians to host jam sessions; the next big band could be with who you meet with!

Our Story

It all started with one musician's vision of finding a way to let fellow musicians have a voice in this never-ending world of evolving music.  With so many bands, independent artists, virtuosos and musical prodigies coming up what seems like weekly, Yousic Dynamics was created to give everyone a voice through their instrument.  Whether it's your singing, your guitar, your drums or your flute, you have a place with us

Meet the Team

Our philosophy is Everyone has a voice, but not all sound comes from it.  Sounds come from your fingers, your hands, your feet AND your voice.  Everyone has a way of expressing themselves, and Yousic Dynamics is the outlet we've been looking for to connect millions of people with one common goal: Music.

Nate Jones picture

Nate Jones

Founder & CEO

Nate Jones is the founder and creator of Yousic Dynamics.  He has been a musician for over a decade, self taught and self motivated he strives to be the best he can in his craft.  His vision of bringing musicians from every genre together in one platform is something he has been striving to accomplish.  A world where one voice from millions of people can speak through music.